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Indoor Air Quality

The current pandemic has highlighted the need to make our homes as safe as possible.  There are steps you can take to accomplish that goal.

FILTERS - To catch the virus

Filters are rated on a MERV scale.  Most home systems have, at most, MERV8 filters.  ASHRAE is recommending upgrading to MERV13, where possible.  COVID 19, and most other viruses, are smaller than the .3 microns these filters capture.  However, contaminants tend to bind to dust and aerosols, making them more likely to be caught by the upgraded filters.  The problem is that most home systems aren't designed to overcome the increased resistance a more efficient filter creates.  The possible alternative is to increase the size of the filter rack, from 1" to 2" or, better yet, install a separate cabinet that can accommodate a 5" filter.  We would need to evaluate your equipment to determine if either alternative works in your home.  It should be noted that these filters are currently in short supply,  since they're made from the same material as N95 masks.  

AIR TREATMENT - To kill the virus

UV light has been used to sterilize water, food, equipment, and the air since the early 50’s. Contaminants that are exposed to enough direct UVC light are destroyed. However, it can’t be used in an occupied area so one manufacturer is using UV bulbs, with a catalyst, to produce Ionized Hydro Peroxide Molecules that flood the space. These molecules neutralize pathogens, mold spores, VOC’s etc. that haven’t been exposed to enough UV light. Other particulates, as well as the neutralized pathogens, are more likely to ‘clump’ together because of the positive/negative ions created in the process. This makes existing filters more efficient. RGF recently tested their REME HALO product against COVID 19 and found it to be 99.9% effective in neutralizing the virus. They’ve run successful tests against many of the Novel Viruses, Rhinoviruses, molds, pollens etc., so even after this pandemic, your home can continue to benefit from installing these systems.

A different ionization approach is done without UV bulbs - Needlepoint/Bipolar Ionization. This technology uses negative ions to disrupt the cell wall of contaminants, which neutralizes them. One manufacturer, Iwave, has run tests against COVID 19, with an over 99% success rate.  They've also shown that their systems effectively make a MERV 8 filter act like a MERV 13

FRESH AIR - To flush the virus

Since we know indoor spaces are more contaminated than outdoor spaces, it stands to reason that we'd like to bring in as much outdoor air as possible.  Commercial buildings are required to bring in a certain level of fresh air, given the number of people that can occupy those spaces.  Home systems don't require this.  We can look at introducing outside air, efficiently, through the use of an Energy Recovery Ventilator.    

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Please note that all test results referenced on this site are based on independent lab studies commissioned by the respective manufacturer.  Neil S. Sullivan Associates, Ltd., is not making any medical claims or guaranteeing that any modifications will prevent diseases or infections.

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