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Getting Back to Work - Safely

This year has been an unprecedented challenge for building owners, educators - both pro's and parents - employees and every family in our area.  Thankfully, there's light at the end of the tunnel with promising vaccines, treatments and a commitment to social distancing, masking up and watching out for our neighbors.

There are additional steps we can take in our offices, stores and homes.  ASHRAE, the professional organization that sets guidelines for the HVAC industry, has been working hard to come up with recommendations for schools, which can be applied to homes and businesses.

These recommendations include upgrading filters, increasing ventilation and installing air cleaning systems, some of which have been shown to be up to 99.9% effective against COVID 19.

We've broken the information down based on Residential and Commercial applications.     

Please contact us for additional information.

Office (973) 678-2155

Cell (973) 769-1631

Please note that all test results referenced on this site are based on independent lab studies commissioned by the respective manufacturer.  Neil S. Sullivan Associates, Ltd., is not making any medical claims or guaranteeing that any modifications will prevent diseases or infections.

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